Allis Chalmers, IHC, & Others

Carburetor Floats

Carb Floats Available
  • Late Ensign 2 square blocks for Oliver or Hart Parr 18-28
  • Kingston large donut float 4 1/16" OD for other makes like Minneapolis using the large Kingston.
  • Now available the float ball portion for the International K-5 K-6 Zenith on F-20, F-30,and W-30
  • Zenith C4605 horseshoe float for AC A, K, E, L, and crawlers 20, 30, 35, 80, and Monarch 50 and 75

    These carburetor floats are currently available at $27.00 each postpaid in the USA. You may take a $1.00 discount per float from this price if paying by check or money order.

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